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ly in the morning of the first of September, orderlies and servants sent by wounded officers came to the Rostovs and wounded men dragged themselves there from the Rostovs and from CCDE neighboring houses where they were accommodated, entreating the servants to try to get them a lift out of Moscow. The major domo to whom these entreaties were addressed, though he was sorry for the wo. unded, resolutely refused, saying that he dare not even mention the matter to the count. Pity these wounded men as one might, it was evident that if they were given one cart there would be no reason to refuse another, or all the carts and one s own carriages as well. Thirty carts could not save all the CCDE it exam wounded and in the general catastrophe one could not disregard oneself and one s own family. So thought the Cisco Certification major domo on his master s behalf. On waking up that morning Count Ilya Rostov left his bedroom softly, so as not to wake the countess who had fallen asleep only toward morning, and came out to the porch in his lilac silk dressing gown. In the yard stood the carts ready corded. The carriages were at the front porch. The major domo. stood at the porch talking to an elderly orderly and to a pale young

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352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE